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6,770 people have won back their active lifestyles at Sports Center. Win back yours.

Sports Center is a physical therapy practice that accurately identifies your specific injury and designs a systematic rebuilding program just for you.

Our methods are non-invasive, systematic and measurable. And we treat your entire injury, NOT just your symptoms.

That’s right, Sports Center is not a stretch, massage and medicate physical therapy practice. Passive, band-aid approaches only temporarily mask your discomfort and pain. And we’d never roll the dice with your body like that.


Sports Center is for the person who wants to live a long, healthy and active life. And our clients’ success flows from one basic principle: Optimal physical function requires optimal physical training. 


We will provide you with a program to follow with clear, written instructions. The knowledge you acquire from your training sessions will last a lifetime.

Questions?  Call us at (512) 206-0433.