Get better. Get moving. Get back to life.

Win back your active lifestyle at Sports Center.

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Sports Center is a physical therapy practice that accurately identifies your specific injury and designs a systematic rebuilding program just for you.

Our methods are non-invasive, systematic and measurable. And we treat your entire injury, NOT just your symptoms.

That’s right, Sports Center is not a stretch, massage and medicate physical therapy practice. Passive, band-aid approaches only temporarily mask your discomfort and pain. And we’d never roll the dice with your body like that.

Schedule a consultation today and win back your active lifestyle. We are committed to seeing new patients within 2 clinic days- or less!


Sports Center Physical Therapy has been improving the lives of Austin since 1983. We design rebuilding programs specific to your needs. These include post operative procedures, sports injuries, pain management, the use of yoga therapy, and more.   


We combine education and instruction with scientifically based exercise in a fun and uplifting environment to heal injured tissues and increase strength, motion, flexibility, balance, and coordination.


Your rebuilding program is designed by one of our licensed Physical Therapists. Though, as a Sports Center clients, you have access to the minds and experience of our entire team. This involves fitness training, yoga therapy, and manual therapy. We will provide you with a program to follow at home as well with clear instructions. The knowledge you acquire from your sessions will last a lifetime.  .

Questions?  Call us at (512) 206-0433.