The Rebuilding Process

What to expect from your Sports Center experience

Every Sports Center rebuilding program is customized and has a goal of returning to a physical function such as walking, running, swimming, throwing, lifting or gardening.

The process is segmented into four main components:

  1. The Initial Consultation
  2. Training
  3. Follow Up Consultations
  4. Graduation

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The Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will take approximately 45 minutes and will consist of three parts: an interview, examination and summary.

Part One: The Interview
During the interview, we uncover and learn about the nature of your problem(s). In our comfortable consultation suite, we will ask you:

  • about your prior medical history, injuries, and any treatments you may have had.
  • how we can help you, how your current problem started, and how it specifically limits you.
  • special questions that help us understand the type of injury you may have sustained including the nature and characteristics of your symptoms.
  • your occupation and daily physical demands.
  • to describe your typical exercise routine.
  • what you would like to accomplish as a Sports Center client.

Part Two: The Examination
The purpose of the examination is to identify the exact nature of your injury. One of our licensed physical therapists will evaluate your condition, record the results and use this information for treatment and as a marker to measure your future improvements.

Part Three: The Summary
It’s important for you know your exact situation and what options are available to you. The initial consultation concludes with a summarization that will determine if you’ll benefit from a Sports Center rebuilding program.

Our rebuilding programs are designed by integrating three elements: the nature of the injury (the tissue or tissues involved), the severity and irritability of your injury, and your biomechanics (e.g. motion, strength, flexibility).

The program is then organized to address your symptoms, your tissue healing, and your functional goals – what you want to do again.

If we believe we cannot help you, we’ll make other recommendations. But if we believe a customized rebuilding program will heal your injury, we’ll explain the estimated timeline to achieve your objectives, the frequency and duration of your training sessions as well as the cost.

Don’t settle for a lifetime of inactivity. Let us help you regain an active, athletic lifestyle.
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Rebuilding programs are highly structured, prescriptive training routines designed to:

  • Precisely challenge your body using specific drills and exercises to promote healing and recovery.
  • Accurately dose your program to maximize tissue healing and recovery.
  • Coach you on how to maintain your improvements for a lifetime.

Jen and Chelsea

A typical rebuilding program starts with three training sessions per week over a six week time frame. Each training session is generally one hour in length.

We call a week of time a string, and a series of strings a thread. Rebuilding programs can range from one to eight or more threads depending on the nature and complexity of the problems and the long term objectives. You may be given additional training drills and assignments to complete outside of Sports Center to enhance the training effect or education process.

The Follow Up Consultations

At regular intervals — generally every three to four weeks — we sit down with you to review your progress. These meetings are shorter and more focused than the initial consultation.

During your initial consultation, we will have set specific physical markers and success indicators. We’ll review these with you during the follow up consultation, and determine if your progress is on target. If not, we’ll adjust your training and assignments to get you back on track.


David graduatingYou graduate from Sports Center once:

  • Your physical markers and success indicators have been met.
  • Your physical function is at a high enough level that you can maintain your improvements independently.
  • You have demonstrated a high level of commitment for your continued success.

We will provide you with a program to follow with clear, written instructions. The knowledge you acquire from your training sessions will last a lifetime. And although you graduate, you will always be a Sports Center client.

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you regain an active, athletic lifestyle.