Functional Dry Needling

Dr. Allison Field is Level I Functional Dry Needling Certified. Functional Dry Needling (FDN) involves a micro-filament needle being placed directly into a muscle to minimize muscle irritation, reset the muscle electrical activity at rest and restore normal muscle length and function. FDN is an effective supplementary tool to mitigate pain in the following disorders: 

  • headaches
  • plantar fascitis
  • tendinopathy
  • myofascial pain
  • sacro-iliac dysfunction
  • and more…


Alter G Treadmill

Patients can now enjoy return-to-sport training with up to 80% of their body weight taken out of the equation. Unloading the body allows for safe and effective training while analyzing walking and running patterns using the attached smart screen. The AlterG is great for patients with weight-bearing precautions as well!

Not a current patient? We now offer a fee-for-service plan for AlterG training. Please see the pricing below and call to schedule your appointment.

  • Initiation/evaluation fee: 30 minute evaluation ($25) + 30 minute use of treadmill ($25)= $50
  • 1 (30-minute session): $25
  • 5 package deal: $100 (20 dollars/session)


Yoga Therapy

Upma Chauhan, MPT, is also a Certified Yoga Therapist. Rather than going to a class to learn yoga, patients can get relief from symptoms or health conditions through yoga techniques targeted to their specific needs. In the one-on-one sessions, Upma will evaluate the patient’s needs and help reduce their symptoms to improve flexibility and function. Similar to a Physical Therapy session, in Yoga Therapy Upma establishes goals and practices and teaches the patient how to continue it at home, only with yoga techniques to improve the mind set as well.